Pumpkin | Mini Pumpkin Hookah- Blue- 2Hoses- H:24cm

Pumpkin | Mini Pumpkin Hookah- Blue- 2Hoses- H:24cm

This blue Mini Pumpkin Hookah is a waterpipe that will make your smoking dreams come true! It is a unique piece of glass artwork, consisting of several integral parts. On top of this masterpiece of 24cm height there is a blue ceramic bowl in which you can put your favourite hookah tobacco or gel. The ceramic bowl is placed onto a stainless steel charcoal tray - used also as an ashplate - through a rubber spacer wrapped around the head base. The stainless steel pipe stem comes down to an oval base connecting to a filter pipe that penetrates the glass water container for filtering your smoke. The whole set-up includes one blue hose and a tong for taking hold of the coal.

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  • 06813BL

  • Material: Aluminium
    Carton: 24 pcs
    Hose: 2
    Height: 24
    Color: Blue