DUD Shisha | Firestarter 45cm complete set/luxury leather box

DUD Shisha | Firestarter 45cm complete set/luxury leather box

This stunning Hookah is one of the latest DUD pieces of glass artwork! It is a compact waterpipe of 45cm height, composed of several assembled parts. It comes equipped with 1x glass bowl, for placing your herbs or tobacco, and 1x glass screen, for protecting your smoke. The bowl is attached to the ashplate, used for holding the ash produced by your burning charcoal. Plus, a downstem shower percolator breaks up your smoke into smaller particles. A silicone hose connects to a glass mouthpiece, which will offer you a pleasant flavor. The DUD logo appears at the bottom. The whole set-up is delivered inside a lockable luxury leather box, including a glass mouthpiece, a silicone hose, a glass connector and a glass stopper. Replacement Parts: Stem PS1023G, Glass Stopper PS1026G, Glass Connector PS1027G, Glass Mouthpiece PS1028G

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  • PS1001G

  • Hose: 1
    Carton: 1 pcs
    Color: Green